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Phillip Schofield has laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic - video

ITV This Morning’s Phillip Schofield says goodbye to reading glasses

Learn how our pioneering Laser Blended Vision treatment has helped Phillip Schofield and hundreds of patients 40 and older reduce their need for reading glasses, bifocals and varifocals. Discover how you can turn back the clock and counter the effects of ageing in your eyes.
Dr Hilary Jones has laser eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic - video

ITV Daybreak's Dr Hilary Jones chooses us for his Laser Eye Surgery

Watch Dr Hilary Jones, independent health and medical advisor, health columnist / author and TV-am doctor since 1989, have Laser Blended Vision surgery to reduce his dependency on regular shortsighted glasses and reading spectacles at the London Vision Clinic.

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